Fitting Instructions


There are a couple of ways to provide us with an accurate measurement. The best measurement comes from a belt that fits the customer well. Turn your favorite belt over and look for the size embossed on the back of the belt. If it cannot be located, measure the length of the belt from the tip of the buckle to the preferred notch. Be careful not to measure the entire length of the belt, just to the notch most worn. Since all our belts are custom ordered, we can make them in half sizes as well.

An alternative is to provide us with your waist size. When measuring the waist, be careful to measure the exact area where the belt will be worn. The trend these days is for women to wear belts low on the hip. Once you have the waist measurement, add two inches to arrive at the correct belt size. Again, since all of our belts are custom, we can mnake them in half sizes as well.


Our shoes are generally true to size for both men's and women's and are available in both full and half-sizes. Widths are standard, but may be special ordered for a narrow or wide fit.

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